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Agileient offers FREE SEO audit report for your website to check for common & harmful issues in the website & also find out what’s affecting your search rankings.

Increased Calls

We help to generate more calls from clients is through optimizing your site for visitors as well as search engines.
As you will be competing with a huge number of other competitors, companies & brands, SEO becomes an opportunity to step out from the crowd. So we offer an enviable web presence for the visitors.

Increased Sales & Services

We help you to increase the sales of your products through the below strategy:

  • • What are your visitors searching for?
    • What are the biggest questions your visitors on your website have?
    • What are the biggest pain points of the visitors?
    • How can you help them solve their problems related to your products or
    • And last but not least what is the USP of your products or services?
What is Off-page optimization?

Off-page optimization helps improve the position of the website for keywords in search engines like Google & other search engines. It helps to create as good quality backlinks (incoming links) as possible.
Off-page SEO is a long-term & time-consuming process. It includes acquiring backlinks to your webpage from authority sites, classified ads, social media & Social bookmarking. Off-page optimization helps to improve search rankings.
Without doing off-page factors, surely your website cannot rank. The major factors include link building, social media, videos, blogging, etc.

Hence, off-page is the factor for any website to rank.

Link building – It is one of the most important off-page optimizations. Link building is an external link building done for your website. The main aim is to get as many links as you can to rank higher than your competitors in Google.

The top ways which help in increasing link building are:

Blog Directories – These are directories like yellow pages which give the links back to a website.

Article Directories – If you publish your article in various article directories, you will get good backlinks to your website.

Social Media posting – Social Media is another way of building links. It is done by engaging your website on social media platforms.

Social Bookmarking – This is another way of getting good backlinks to your website. This can be done by promoting your blogs on famous websites such as, Reddit, ScoopIt, Live Journal, Tumblr, etc. The content is very frequently updated on such sites, which is appreciated & crawled by search engines.

How does Off-page optimization benefit in SEO?

By using the techniques of “Off-page” optimization, it will help to increase your website rankings in Google & other search engines. This will also help you to attract more traffic.

The best part about Off-page optimization in SEO is when you start ranking for keywords on Google, you get more clicks, more visits, more links, and more mentions on social media.

What is On-page optimization?

On-page optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the website in Google ranking.

On-page optimization helps search engines to understand your content in order to rank the most relevant URLs for specific queries done in the Google search engine.

Top on-page SEO best practices:

Title tags and meta descriptions – Every page should have a title tag that appears in search results in Google and other search engines as a headline. The meta description is a summary of the web page that appears under the title on search results in Google & other search engines. Both are important to help search engines like Google understand the purpose of a page.

The title tag is direct On-page optimization SEO ranking factor.

Both the title and meta description play a significant role in when a person actually clicks on a listing in the search results in Google.

Headers help to improve On-page optimization – Heading tags makes it much easier for users to read your content. Secondly, subheadings help Google to understand the contents of a page.

Write readable text – If you want customers to stick around, the text on your site needs to be readable. If it’s not, visitors may quickly bounce, signaling to Google that the content is not valuable and should be ranked lower.

Alt tag

Add text to the image alt tags, with the appropriate keywords. The alt text helps search engines to understand the image.

On-page SEO factors in short:

  • Use short, descriptive page URLs
  • Optimize title tags
  • Write compelling meta descriptions
  • Optimize headers
  • Use the target keyword for the first 100 words in the content
  • Maintain an appropriate keyword density
  • Create content that satisfies user intent
  • Write readable text

We all offer local search engine optimization services for all the locations in USA.

We also optimize your website for search engine locally for city or state as per clients requirement eg. San Diego, Irvine, California, Los Angeles

We identify popular searches done by the visitors for city or state eg. San Diego, Irvine, California, Los Angeles

We do SEO Strategy that increases your revenue locally whether it is for city or state eg. San Diego, Irvine, California, Los Angeles

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