Application Solutions are services which includes load balancing, application performance monitoring, application acceleration, micro‑segmentation and service proxy etc needed to optimally deploy, run and improve applications.

It’s a software solution that improves the speed, security and operability of applications.
Diagram depicting application services such as performance monitoring, load balancing, autoscaling, service proxy, SSL offload and WAF for applications running on servers and being delivered to application clients.

Cloud app services
Cloud App Services are a huge variety of specific application services for applications deployed in cloud-based resources. Services like application firewalling, load balancing & service discovery can be achieved for applications running in private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

We deliver complete applications solutions starting from custom applications to applications hosted on virtual servers, packaged applications or services hosted outside of their business environment. We do manage of all different sets of applications in such a multi-channel environment.

At Agileient, we combine strategy, technology, data science and design based on the needs of our clients, to make solutions or services that enhance their business models.

How Do Application Services Work?

Application security and delivery technology i.e traffic management, web application firewalls, load balancing, distributed denial-of-service protection & API management interacts with the environment around the application, enabling them to adapt to the changing conditions.

Why Are Application Services Important?

In today’s digital world, applications are been becoming an extremely important source of differentiation. In today’s competitive economy, companies have to manage many applications with unprecedented speed, scale and agility.
As innovation continues to grow, so too, the concerns about security & delivering a consistent experience across the environments. Application services helps organizations to boost performance, maintain availability, improve network and application security, and gain visibility into the behaviour and health of their apps. Today, organisation can achieve the foundation they need to improve efficiency, increase their adaptability, and achieve a long-term competitive advantage with our services.



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